In-Store Communication Management


Coordinates the management of communication at the point of sale, the organization of orders, deliveries and advertising campaigns in-store


4RETAIL eTEAM solution for in-store communication



The management of in-store communication in a network of stores, especially if multibrand, does not allow a full optimization of the exhibition spaces and a capillary organization of the various campaigns that often overlap or follow one another.
Store managers often manage brand campaigns and suppliers using systems based on spreadsheets and email communications.
This does not allow a complete or updated overview.

Providing a central tool for actors involved in in-store campaigns is the main objective of 4RETAIL.


Who is 4RETAIL for?


4RETAIL was born from the experience that 4 Flying has acquired working with important retail brands. The constant knowledge of the problems related to the supply of digital or traditional POP material has allowed the development of this vertical solution, the first and only store management system,for the management and improvement of the performance of advertising campaigns in stores.


The solution is aimed at large brands, organized with multiple stores located in a vast territory and with different traditions and habits, or with a solid demand for ADVs because they are constantly updating the turnover of advertising campaigns or because they have to optimize the display space inside the store.

It is a work that starts with a fruitful dialogue with the customer, continues with the design and ends with the production and final installation. The experience of 4 Flying in the retail and digital printing sector make the proposals unique and ensure a distinction between the store and its competitors and, above all, an optimization of costs, space and time in the management of campaigns.

What is 4RETAIL

It's a workflow that:

  • makes constant demand for in-store advertising campaigns
  • solves the critical issues facing the Central and the Stores for the management of spaces, production and fittings
  • optimizes resource management, thanks to certified flows that control the entire order path
  • when synchronized with cash flows can allow to measure the effectiveness of campaigns through a dashboard, obtaining an economic value for each single exhibition space
  • increases the profitability of communication spaces

It is a single work area for the different actors involved in the management of point of sale communication:

  • the marketing manager
  • the buyer
  • the visual merchandiser
  • the store manager
  • the agency for pre-press services
  • the printing company
  • the area manager
  • the delivery and set-up service

It is a database accessed with personal credentials, where the user, depending on their level of permissions, can:

  • consult the archive
  • order new ADV
  • manage the mapping of one or more shops
  • follow the progress of the campaigns within one or more shops
  • require adaptations of a campaign and follow its production
  • follow the delivery of materials to the points of sale and their installation
  • propose free spaces to your suppliers

4RETAIL is based on an intuitive and multilingual online interface, set to manage permissions, accesses, approvals, shares, monitoring, and is usable in the Cloud in Saas (Software as a Service) mode and does not require hardware installations.

It is more than a software because behind it there is also a whole assistance, consultancy, support and graphic operation service provided by 4 Flying that makes the solution even more flexible and efficient, making it able to adapt to the customer's needs, times and work volumes.


The impact of 4RETAIL


"It has now become much easier for me and my team to manage communication within the store.

The allocation of space, reorganization, turnover of advertising campaigns, enhancement of exhibition space, measurement of results ...

Thanks to 4RETAIL is no longer a problem, we optimize management and display space and save valuable time to devote to the stores."


Integrating the main content streams and related activities, 4RETAIL offers significant efficiencies in terms of time, cost and resources throughout the in-store campaign management process and facilitates communication between the actors involved by providing a single central and certified source.

Among the many advantages our customers have found with the use of 4RETAIL, there are:

  • reduction of campaign management costs up to 90%
  • solves the critical issues facing the Central and the Stores for the management of the fittings
  • enhance the constant demand for in-store advertising campaigns
  • increase the performance of each store